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Loise 15 years

My name is Louise and is 15 years. I live with my younger brother Jakob at 13, my mother Hanne at 48, and my father Jens of 50. My father has his own business, and earn a lot of money. My mother is a lawyer with a private practice so we are probably what you call rich. We live in a big house in the countryside outside Aalborg.

My story begins one day my father, Jamie, worked at home, and I had read holiday in 9th grade.
I woke up at. 9, and was happy about not having to go to school. I got out of bed, wearing only my little panties and a tight t-shirt. I went into the kitchen and drank a little juice when I heard father get out of the office. He gave me a kiss on the cheek and said good morning.

He started making coffee and I came to see proper to him. A great man of 50 years, maybe a little too big belly, but well-kept and very charming. He was always very popular with women, and I think he had mistresses in his younger years. Now, he and my mother well together and they seemed very happy together. My mother Hanne was a nice plump woman with big tits and an ass like a Jamaican sprinter. She was pretty, with long curly fair hair, and I knew from a peeping while she was in the bath, she shaved her pussy.

I looked down the father who looked good in shorts and open forward hawaii shirt. I found myself thinking about how his cock seemed, because I had only seen my little brother Jacob cock, and then Peter. Peter and I had been dating for a few months, but I had turned up because I was looking for a boy of 9 who was super delicious, but not really interested in me.
Peter and I had slept together a few times, and he had taken my virginity. But it had not been very good sex. I hoped to get with Claus from 9
Suddenly I discovered that Dad was watching me as I stared at his abdomen. “What are you thinking?” He asked. I was completely flustered and mumbled that I was thinking about homework, and turned to the sink. I heard father walk down the hall to the parent department, and heard he opened the bathroom door.
I put the juice in the refrigerator, and heard the shower was turned down at a time. I stood listening, and listed as down the hall on my bare feet. The door was ajar, and I could see Dad in the mirror. He stood in the shower and soaped themselves, and I saw that he had a nice body. Still a little too big belly, but with strong thighs, and now I saw his cock for the first time. It hung limply between his muscular thighs and rocked while he washed hair. Then he took shampoo in hand, and began to soap cock and balls in. I stood gaping and staring at him while he massaged the soap in. First the balls, so the long soft cock. I felt a strong warmth spread in my abdomen, and led almost automatically a hand into panties. I noticed immediately that my pussy was dripping wet. I stood here and was horny on my own father?

dad fucks daughter
dad fucks daughter

He flushed now soap off while simultaneously rubbing the foreskin back and forth over his cock head. I stared intently at him, and suddenly I seem to cock grew in his hand. It made the damn! As he rubbed it, swelled it up and was both thicker and longer. I was totally fascinated by this great mancock, and immediately slipped my middle finger up in my soaking wet pussy. I worked both labia and clitoris, while I enjoyed the sight of my father’s now very hard cock. He had closed his eyes and held on balls with one hand while he played strongly cock. I rubbed now strongly on my clit while my eyes were fixed on my father’s big cock as he played the whole game in front of my eyes. My legs shook under me, my breathing was incredibly fast, and suddenly flushed a wonderful orgasm through my young body. In the same growled father and I so long jets of sperm come out of his dick and bunching up on the tiled wall. He leaned against the wall and his body relaxed while I pulled me backwards, and sneaky up at the other end of the house, and shut myself into my room. I threw myself on the bed, with arms and legs out to the side while I enjoyed the satisfying feeling of calm after a good orgasm.
I was dozing when suddenly I heard the door open quietly. I glanced over and saw the father come in, wearing only a pair of tight black trunks. He closed the door, and I glanced at the bulge in his shorts, which so little now, but I knew could grow wildly. He stood at the foot of the bed and looked down at me with a quirky and loving gaze. “What just happened there?” He asked. I looked up at him with red cheeks. “What do you mean?” He smiled, “It sounded unmistakably like you got a nice orgasm, while I played cock”. I gasped to hear my father speak to me like that, but the word “cock” in his mouth, also got the creepy feeling back in my pussy. “I could not help it, I think you looked so good, and so I was so horny.” I said as I smiled sweetly at him. He laughed quietly. “It was very exciting to know that you were looking at me while I masturbated. I felt the first strange, but the excitement took power from mg. I hope it does not ruin anything between us? “I shook my head, much calmer now. “No, it was fine and well, and we do well not tell anyone.”
He sat on the bed and we talked at length about everything. We talked very freely now, and he wanted to know if I was a virgin. I told on Peter, and so he would know how we did it. while I spoke about our first time, he sat and listened without reacting.
But when I told him about the time where we had fucked out on the grass while he and mother had sat over on the other side of the house, began his bulge grow. I glanced down at his bulge, while I was told that we could see the neighbor, Jorgensen, through the bushes, and how he was spying on us while we fucked like a pair of rabbits. Dad’s cock pressed now violently, and I took courage. “You’re still horny you old goat,” I laughed and pointed at his cock. “Why close it out? I would like to see it close. ”
He looked thoughtfully at me, he said. “Then you must also take the panties off.” I nodded, and pulled my panties down over the thighs, bent legs and kicked them into the air. So I lay with legs apart and knees bent so that my young pussy pointed straight up against him. He rose quietly and slowly pulled the shorts down and rocked them gently out of the now very hard cock. I stared intently at the beautiful cock. It was scary great so close, and I had a wild desire to touch it, but it was probably a little too far to walk. Instead, I pulled my T-shirt up over his head and bared my breasts. I had inherited my mother’s breasts, and they were hard and fast. I said to him: “I am incredibly horny, we can not masturbate together while we were looking at one another?”
He nodded quietly, staring at my breasts. So he went up in the bed, and stood, legs apart in the foot, then his big cock, pointed straight toward me. My pussy dripping with juices and I quickly ran two fingers up in it while I rubbed on the clitoris with the other hand. Father stared alternately at I played pussy, and alternating on my breasts, now with hard spiky nipples.

dad fucks daughter
dad fucks daughter

He bent slightly at the knees and rubbed quietly but intently on his big cock. The foreskin slid easily back and forth over the bulging dick, and a small drop presæd slipped out, and helped to lubricate. We groaned both strongly now, and suddenly he said: “Oh honey. Where are you beautiful and lovely, it’s game lewd look at you play pussy. You have the most beautiful little body, and I’m sure your pussy is warm and tight. ”
I was absolutely ecstatic now. It came into my body, and convulsions shook my arms and legs while a new, more powerful orgasm flowed through the body. I stared at his thick cock that was played hard by, and the juices almost squirted out of me in the longest orgasm I have ever tried. At the same time increased father’s groans to a fierce growl, and suddenly spurted semen out of my body. I felt the heat sædklatter frame around the body, and to please him, I began to rub my body into his hot sticky sperm. He groaned heavily, while his release calmed down. The last drops were squeezed out and landed on my thighs. We still had not touched each other, and now he sat on the bed and said, “Shut up where it was good. But we can never tell anyone, that they could not understand. “I nodded with a deep sigh, perhaps a little bit ungpigeforelsket in my own father, who had just given me my life orgasm. He leaned forward and kissed me on the cheek. I was completely intoxicated by his scent, and threw her arms around his strong neck. I tried to kiss him on the mouth, but he pulled away. “No, honey, it does not, we must not touch each other.”

I responded by reaching down between his thighs, and addressing the half-cock. He stiffened with a gasp, and was now on all fours over me. The delicious cock began to grow between my fingers while I quietly let my fingers slide back over the cock head. I rubbed lightly and slowly with my little hand and his mouth sought my in a deep, demanding kiss. His big cock was now hard and stiff, and he pulled backwards and down between my slender legs. It trembled in my young body when I felt his mouth on my pussy. I trembled with lust as he quietly began to lick my pussy. His tongue was soft but demanding, and I pushed instinctively my abdomen up against him, and his tongue slipped between my labia. I held his head and let your fingers through his hair as he licked me deeper and faster.
I cut my pussy up against him, and he stuck now his middle finger into my pussy while he continued to lick. His tongue slid sustained over my clitoris, and he finger fucked me, so I was totally dizzy with lust. Suddenly exploded my body in a mega orgasm where I shook, moaned and writhed. But he continued to finger fuck me, and finally splashed juices are almost out of my pussy as the orgasm peaked in ecstasy and lost enjoyment.
I was suddenly filled the chest with a feeling of happiness and affection for my father. I held his head and pulled him up over my body satisfied, so our lips again could meet. His thick hairy stomach was pressed against mine, and I could feel his cock between my thighs.

dad fucks daughter
dad fucks daughter

We were long and enjoyed each other’s hot bodies, and I had a feeling that I would never get rid of him, so I beat thighs around his hips, and legs crossed behind his back. While I clung to him, I felt his cock slowly grow while it was between my buttocks. It was a great feeling, to feel the warm soft dick grow and become harder and harder. I felt a tingling in the father’s body, and he whispered in my ear. “Oh Loise, honey. Where are you, however, soft and delicious. I love your little body, but mom will kill me if she finds out here. “I kissed him lovingly on the mouth. “Sweet lovely dad, I love you like crazy, both as a father and as a lover. I want your big cock into me. You need to make me real woman, and mother do you continue to love, I know. “He replied by facilitating end a little bit, so that his big slippery cock head was pounding out of my smaskvåde pussy.

I lay still and clung to him while I waited for the feeling of his cock against my pussy. Infinite slowly he pushed the big dick in my little pussy. But it was dripping wet, and allowed him to slide slowly in the soft wet labia. I relaxed completely in the abdomen, and my legs slid down so they lay along the side of his sweaty body. I was now and noticed how the big cock slowly slipped further and further into my hungry pussy. I slipped further and further into a trance-like state while my father began to encounter his cock into me with gentle but firm shock. I enjoyed every impact, and the feel of his big cock filled me completely out. I moaned and whimpered, smågræd of happiness and piped in from when it hurt a little. “Oh Dad, I love your cock. You have to fuck me like you fuck mother. I am your little mistress, you should fuck. “Dad moaned now violently while he slowed up and now almost pumped loose in my young pussy. “Oh yes, now I come inside you honey. Oh I’m coming now syringes me. “I cried with joy to give my beloved father tripping. “Come father, came up in my little pussy. You may like to fill me up with sperm. I love your sperm. Come on, fuck your little daughter and make her happy. Fuck me daddy. ”

dad fucks daughter
dad fucks daughter

Everything went black now almost before my eyes while I had another huge orgasm. I shook and screamed and screamed, while orgasm raged through my body, and father cried. “Noowww, now I come damn. Oh, keep your mouth shut when you are good, and how I love your little pussy. ”
I could feel his cock pumped semen into my pussy. Spray after spraying ended up high in my pussy, and I felt the sweat from his face, dripping down my throat while he collapsed on me and we were both gasping, totally exhausted and redeemed.
I’ve never been so happy in my life and fell into a deep and good sleep. The last thing I felt was the father that slid off me and stood by my side.

dad fucks daughter
dad fucks daughter

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