Fucking My Aunt|Aunt and I alone for 2 or 3 days

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Aunt and I alone for 2 or 3 days

Uncle had to jylland of the factory lying over there, as there were some problems with some machines.
He was occasionally over there, he was responsible for part of the production.
Aunt told he was over there quite often and when there was something he was usually 2 or 3 days.

He said it when he got home from work that day, we sat outside on terressen and ate
it was really nice, and I could not help but occasionally peek at aunt when she and
onkeæl not so. I could feel aunt had given me all three ejaculations that day, although I then often
ornanerede it was not the same, I could feel. I felt completely relaxed throughout the body,
Uncle said nicely goodnight and said he unfortunately enough had left in the morning when I got up he drove
already at 6. I shook his hand for good night, and would give aunt hand but no no it was not enough she pulled
me to him and gave me a big kiss on the cheek. To my taxes just like the girls she said goodnight to you.
I was quite embarrassing uncle imagine if they discovered anything, but he ginte just saying let now the young.

I slipped into bed, did not want to play with myself that night when the aunt had taken
most of my energy on that day.
I fall fast asleep and woke up at that was pushed a little to migtil I mærkjde it was aunt who crawled into bed with me,
I was lying with his back towards the edge of the bed and was himself stark naked, and she crawled under the covers lay close up of my
back felt her bare breasts against my back and her stomach and shot squeeze into my back as I lay in happen to her.
Slowly I became more and more awake and especially the warmth of her body against my gave its effect on me.
I could feel my penis was semi-rigid and the smell of her spread though it was. She put a hand on my thigh pushed
it down after so I stretched my legs out and then she took my penis, whoops little treasure what is this with you again
she whispered drillene in my ear. What is it with you Peter, you can then view all the time my young love, and so began
her run my foreskin back and forth very slowly and sensitively. I lay perfectly still just enjoyed what she did to me.

You are well horny my friend said she, I had not heard her use such a word before. Today you ascend my body my taxes,
on more than one way little Peter. Come my darling said she took my hand and pulled me out of bed
and pulled me into the bedroom. I followed her with my penis strittene into the air and her in front of me stark naked.

fucking my aunt
fucking my aunt

so she pushed me on the bed jumped up at me as she sat directly on my lap and pushed my cock down her buttocks.
I could feel my penis squeeze up between her buttocks as she sat there and then began to kiss my mouth greedily.
I opened my mouth and took her heavy as yesterday and it felt just like she was even more warm and greedy here early in the morning.
She moved restlessly on top of me while she kissed me with tongue in my mouth. You are my young love you little Peter
she whispered my young lover young and unused lovely said she looked me in the eyes and smiled. We have at least two days where we only us
even if you are not therefore going to town darling, she teased me I could hear. I’m not going into town aunt I think
it’s so nice here with you. She snuggled right up to me and rocked forward me back as my cock slid back and forth between her buttocks
no where but sticking my taxes. Then she pushed my upper body down into the covers again and then moved her buttocks over my face
so she sat astride my face with spread legs and whispered hoarsely candy me came my baby suck my pussy came.

Once again I heard the words before she had not said pussy it sounded bold and piqued even more by me. I sounded my tongue
licking up at her as she sat open warm and very wet. I licked away the best all HI had learned, gently darling
she whispered came more I love your tongue came candy me came åååååååå it’s great I could feel her juices flowed
down my cheeks and she began to rock back and forth more and more and then suddenly she sat down so I can not
be anything but lick was completely locked between her thighs and her knees spread over my mouth and then I love the
she squealed and howled when she came. jjeg kept his tongue until she limply slid down my arms and lay groaning and puffing until she came to,
even again. No where your tongue can no darling she sighed.

Aunt you know what, no, darling themselves hved is. Why do you say pussy and naughty words? Yes you know hvads darling, she began, and told me
how much she gave herself when she was engulfed by sex, and how much the naughty words left her even more greedy and warm.
But I have found the same to you I said, yes, of course, my darling, if you like it so forward what you are thinking and feeling
at the moment is not my baby. And let us agree that we call a spade a spade, what do you mean? Yes, we say what we think and
that is not something that is dirty talk as well. No where I since have learned a lot, I thought within myself, and just thought it was so
bold and liberating. I felt not at all shy or fear of making a fool of me or making mistakes she made me completely to relax more and more of.

Do you talk to uncle about us I asked then, no, darling, I can promise you I do not. But you do not have sex with uncle?
Yes I have but not as much as we do here my darling, and it was not supposed all this, but I let myself be carried away,
and when I saw your young body I felt so attracted that I could not let be my baby. You have many ques tions cute Winnie
and do not hold back, and when you eventually find a nice girl, you know how she should be sexually it I’ll make sure.
She looked at me again smiled and let her hand slide down and grabbed my penis. Gnuppede it well so it was totally dust,
and as she lay on on all fours in bed came as tax place yourself on your knees beg my backside came. I did as she said,
holding me on her hips while she ropes in between her own legs brought my penis to her pussy and signs labia slightly

fucking my aunt
fucking my aunt

Come tax pressure experiment with the abdomen then you mark me from behind. I did as she said and came to uuuuupppppss
squealed she not so violently I had come all the way down but so slowly I retired and so again I could see
down to my cock drove in and out of the aunt behind it so wildly naughty out and when I slipped out of it was as if she enveloped my penis with
labia it looked so impudently out I more I ran the more I could feel my orgasm was coming, but aunt began just
squeeze his buttocks in push-pull so we slapped together and your cock is nice she moaned come fuck me tax fuck me Peter
, give me everything you have, I tried quite light-headed and just getting yes aunt I love your pussy is nice and warm my dick explodes
soon groan date I highly yes my tax came so come give me everything she moaned and began to shake the whole body, I would stop
but she moaned loud neeeeejjjj keep coming so peter tax goiv me so come and then screamed Hunn loud while I felt my dick ex explode
up in her pussy. I continued to fuck her I felt I was completely exhausted and she was beginning to relax again.

fucking my aunt
fucking my aunt

I pulled my penis out slowly and promise you that came with sperm out there running down her inner thighs and my penis was completely mired in vors common
juices. Come down to my aunt tax she sighed and took me quite close to him at her breast. It felt so nice hot and printed and afslappene.
For a long time we lay so and just relaxed.

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