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My husband’s best friend

I met my current husband Alex when I was only in the 30s. Although he was not at all what I was looking for (had just come from a really hard marriage with a man who drove mental on me), it struck sparks immediately. As I said, he was anything but what I really dreamed of. I had dreamed of a sweet, romantic, caring, creative type, working with people. But ended up with a gritty craftsman, a bit of a “blusterer”. A little loud and rather unromantic – unless you teach him well to know, so you can see that he can be romantic in its own way;) and he is otherwise just a big bread – both in height and size. Two meters high. Huge large hands and feet. Already receding hairline and balding. And then he gives the best hugs in the world!
But as I said it struck sparks, and today we are married on the fifth year – and I do not regret my choice. He is wonderful, hard-working, fun, and so does he fit well on me. And it’s so HOT !!!

My husband’s best friend, Dennis, is a bit of a contrast to himself. Dennis is not very high – of a man to be. Close hair, trimmed beard. Speaking well with all people, cooking, repairing things around the house, getting things done, have fixed opinions and discuss them like, but always at a reasonable level of respect for the other party. Total good father material, but have no children even when his wife can not. Is aware of other people. Holding the door for others. Pulling the chair out of the girls. Speaking nicely (except when he teases my husband – they have an internal thing going where the soils each other for fun). Romantic, polite and attentive. The perfect gentleman!
We appreciate our joint events they are 4-5-6 times in the year when we go out together, experiencing things or get a good dinner at one of us and talk and get drinks for the shadows are long. Often, only Dennis, which is when his wife’s private coach for girls in sports at a high level and often at shows and other things related to the sport.

My husband is often prematurely tired and fall asleep on the couch – especially if the beer is flowing a little too much, so often it’s Dennis and I who sit back and talk late into the night. He is everything I dreamed of, then 5 years ago, but I would never dream of pursuing the idea. I would not expose my husband, his friend and myself. So I just enjoyed being with him on private basis, he is wildly good company!

One night, when Dennis came to visit us (he used to stay when he and his wife live two hours from us) and we got some food and a few beers or three, joked Alex with that Dennis’ cock is huge. (The two have a rather relaxed attitude to each other and there is not the thing, they can NOT find to say to and about each other). The talk ran a bit on the subject for some time, and I noticed that Dennis not confirmed or excluded the claim. He just laughed.
Later, when it was bedtime, and we all were getting ready to go to bed, went Dennis toward the bathroom, wearing only underhylere. And then I could of course not help but look – I would then just see if Alex was right in the dick or if it was just nonsense.
But Dennis discovered my eyes, and I blushed on the neck. He did not say a word but just laughed butter and went into the bathroom.
I later told Alex that he damn should tell the kind, for I could not help but look. He laughed aloud and asked if I had seen anything that I liked. I did not now, Dennis stood’s not quiet, and I was getting caught up in it.

It took a few months where we have not sown with Dennis and his wife, because Christmas got in the way and there were a lot of other events. New Year’s Eve was both Alex and I know full, and when we went to bed near dawn, he came with a bit of a statement. We were – still good full – and silly around the bed. Shelled and took on each other, giggled, and laid well in the stove for a good full man-fuck. He lay on top of me and looked me straight in the eye. And then he said:
“Do you know what would really turn me sshhinssssygt much?”
I laughed and shook violently on the head (BAC level was mid-high).
“Hvisssh you fucked with Dennisssch and I sschå on imensss”
I laughed out loud – thought it was a joke and perhaps suffered a “trap” to get me to say something stupid, but he grabbed my jaw and maintained eye contact. “I think it ssssgu Seriously! It would make me wildly horny”
And then he knocked almost his cock into me and we banged – violent, loud and ugly – it is rarely neat and romantic when lumps being drunk.

We did not talk about the topic for a long time after. I went and wondered if it had just been drunk talk, or if he meant it, but would not bring it on the field. Imagine if it had just been nonsense, so I might destroy a whole lot. But I could not help but imagine what it would be to have sex with the perfect gentleman Dennis. He must be a good fuck – whether he had a big cock or not! He was certainly such a one who always made sure that his wife came before him. The type that was attentive and dexterity, vigorous and gallant while. It might be interesting to try, I had to admit to myself.
Sex with Alex is in fact quite different. Alex is wanton and wild and cash. A bit of a “badboy”. Sexy and rough and horny and it turns me on another level – the more bestial and playful.

wife fucks friend
wife fucks friend

But a Thursday evening where Alex and I had gone to bed – Dennis to come and spend the night on Friday – brought Alex back sexual topic on the field. This time we were sober both.
“I also felt what I said to the New Year,” he said. “About that I would like me to look at while you and Dennis cubes”
I blushed and contemplated my answer very carefully. He tried to get me into trouble, or was he serious?
“You say some funny things sometimes” I tried my way with. Felt that I blushed easily cheeks.
“I think it damn” he said firmly. I can see that you two have a good time together. It could be SO naughty to see you swipe! ”
I did not know what to say, so I kept an eye on his face. Expected every moment that he could not keep a straight face more and burst out laughing.
” Please say something . Scares the you too much? I swear that I’m serious. I’ve never lied to you before, have I? “He looked almost imploringly at me. I may well agree with him … he had always been honest to me, and I was convinced that he was serious.
” Well, how you answer just like that? “I asked a little shy.” He’s cute, but I have never thought of him that way. He’s your best friend, so it would never pursue! ”
” I like to share with my best friend. It would not be the first time, “said Alex with a dark and lewd expression. I did not quite want to know more about the case, so I asked no further. He ignored my face stretch continued and asked directly:” Do you want? ”
” Do not you think it will destroy a whole lot? “I said doubtfully.
” no, I’m sure it will not. I’m usually jealous, but not against Dennis. Him I know where I have. It would rather turn me tremendously to look at. You two together – it would be a good match! ”
I thought to myself that he was right. Dennis was in fact the type of guy that every girl should have! Me too – although I love Alex loud and not with him! and then I said all that high.
“so you want?” asked Alex and so enthusiastic out. Think that we really had this conversation !!!
I nodded shyly. and it dawned on me that I really wanted . the idea of sex with Dennis had filled much to me since New Year’s Eve, and every time I was a little wet in the panty by the idea. That I had to admit.
“Aw baby, just the thought turns me tremendously,” said Alex and pressed his very stiff cock against my hip. He raised now over me (I was lying on his back in bed) between my legs apart – rested on one arm and grabbed his cock with the other. Lod dick ci on my vagina entrance and sovsede it well .
“I would enjoy watching him bore his big cock into your wet cave” he said excitedly. I was at least just as horny and found it difficult to lie still. He had now dick penetrate a little centimeters in. “Be tough when he’s banging in the bottom of your pussy” he said, so he needed in one quick motion fast and hard bottom in my pussy, so I cried out of lust and surprise. “Enjoy your little screams and moans when he pumps in and out of you,” he said, and his actions to his words. I was so horny now that an orgasm was already on the way. The labeled Alex and he slowed up as he slipped in and out of my wet pussy and made me moan and scream of suffering. “I would love to hear you scream your orgasm out around his cock” he moaned. And then I – screaming, and Alex followed and emptied himself into me with a roar.
When we afterwards were catching breath, he said: “The matter is settled I talk to him tomorrow about it!”

And so it was Friday!
I could not concentrate on anything at work that day! The thoughts circled constantly about sex, Dennis, Alex, cock, more sex, more Dennis. Repeatedly. I was shown made some mistakes that day and was glad to have early free!
Before Alex came home from work, I started with the big trip with razor. Got trimmed both legs and underarms – and of course pussy thoroughly. Leaving only a narrow strip of hairy and otherwise the rest was very carefully removed.
Got done clean the house, change of linen (if now really became something, so Dennis is not invited into the dirty linen !!). Prepared a good dinner.
Alex came home, and he was unusually boldly mood. He went and silly. Took me in the ass. Kissed me all the time. Rubbed my breasts while I stood at the kitchen sink. And made me become more and more horny indeed! Normally I would probably sweep him off when he was in what mood and who came guests immediately after – but this day egging me tremendously!
While I cooked, I drank a few glasses of wine. So when Dennis came, I was quite rosy-cheeked. Both due. Wine and Alex’ pill mills. We ate. I broadly in silence – the men eagerly chattering about what they now usually talk about – hobbies, jobs, jokes, experiences … all of a kind. I sat and brooded. Was all this now is a good idea? And would Alex really ask Dennis – and if so, when?
After the food was even a bottle of wine opened. They talked on. I went into the kitchen – rejected their offers of help – and ik cleaned up after dinner. I could not be myself. The thoughts circled only about sex, sex, sex – and it was making me crazy. I did not see Dennis in the eyes during dinner. Blushed and sat restlessly. And so it was good to get away from the table and get air. Actually went out on the terrace in the frosty air and took a deep breath a few times to get done mind. “It’s not going to happen” intoned I in my head sometimes. “It’s just a fantasy, Alex and I have fostered. Nothing. Only imagination!”
I came into the room again later. When I entered, they sat with their heads close together, talking low, so I could not hear what they were talking about. When they saw me, leaned themselves right back in their seats and smiled. Alex offered me more wine, but I was already a little småsvimmel, so I declined. They did not let anything. Started a conversation about that next spring we should go on a weekend together all four – maybe to the west coast or to the water park or something. There was nothing to mark them so they had enough talking about something completely different when I came in before. However, I got eye contact with Dennis a few times during the ensuing conversation, and I thought it felt as if his eyes almost boring into mine briefly each time, but I thought afterwards that it was probably just my imagination ran away with me. But whether it is only happening in my head or not, I was wet in the panties at the thought of it.

wife fucks friend
wife fucks friend

The remainder of the evening proceeded as usual – which was talking, laughing and drunk wine – and none of the men seems that there had to be modified somewhat. In fact, were not at all talking about something that reminded about sex – it was almost the most unusual that night. And then my behavior – I was still influenced by imagination (and also a bit of wine), and was probably fairly quiet throughout the evening. Sad all the time and tried to lure if there had been something. Whether there was nothing to mark on them. Been watching their facial expressions, body language, opinions. But nothing!
Towards evening I thanked and would go to bed. The truth was that I could not bear to be in the room with them more. My thoughts went all worked up, and I could not relax. I was plaskvåd between the legs, cheeks flushed, and thoughts about sex popped up all the time. So I just had out there with the realization that this evening was just like all other evenings with Dennis.
I went to the bathroom and got me prepared for bed. So in the bedroom and began to undress. Just stood in underwear (had actually taken something quite pretty and easy raunchy underwear – IF NU), as the door opened. I rushed in fright.
The door was Dennis. His eyes were dark – much different than the mild and friendly expression he used to have.
He stepped closer. I was like paralyzed. As he walked toward me, he began to talk was subdued: “You’ve been horny all night, have not you?”. He stood in front of me. Did not move, but devoured me almost with eyes.
“I have well seen how restless you were sitting on the chair. How you squeezing the thighs together your wet pussy. Is not that right?” I did not – was still paralyzed. Wet like never before – but paralyzed.
“You are completely smaskvåd and through horny, right?” said he was subdued and hissing. I still did not answer. Suddenly he grabbed hold of my ponytail and the hair on the back of his head and pulled down so my face was turned up against his in a jerk. “Answer me!” he said brusquely.
“Jj-jo” I stammered was subdued and frightened. The heart pounded hard and fast in my chest, and I hyper ventilated almost.
“I can not hear you” he was subdued and tightened their grip in my hair. “Reply!”
“Yes,” I said louder. Where was the sweet, gentle gentleman that Dennis Normally appeared as? I could not quite figure out if I was scared or if he – if possible – excited me even more in this form – dominant and cash.
He led now a finger down above my pussy and down my wet slit. He finger slipped almost around in my copious juices. He let it run around a bit and I slipped a lewd gasp. Then he removed his finger and pressed it against my lips. When I did not immediately closed finger in, he grabbed with the other fingers on the same hand, hold on my jaw and pressed against, so my mouth was forced open, and he pushed the greasy finger into.
“Suck it clean and taste how horny you are,” he said. I did paralyzed, as he demanded. Tasted clearly the distinctive and salty taste of my own sex. Afterwards he pulled slowly finger out and let now his lips enclose mine. Kissed me wet and fierce, deep and challenging. Gennemsnavede me – while he still had hold of the hair on my head. Retained control of me while he egged me with his conquest of my mouth. He left again his finger down my sex and slipped it behind my wet panties. Let it be joined by a finger more and in a sudden shock, he pushed them fast and hard into my wet cave. I screamed – into his demanding mouth, but he tightened his grip in my hair, so it almost hurt, to make it clear to me that I should find myself in the treatment without complain. That I should just accept!
He stopped to kiss me, but pushed so his two sticky fingers into my mouth.
“When you make a mess, you must also clean up” he said.
In the same entry Alex in the door. He stood for a moment in the door with an expression that was hard to decipher. It must have been quite a sight. His wife stood in raunchy underwear. His friend had hold of her hair at her and stood with two wet fingers in her mouth. Alex said nothing, but sat just across the chair in one corner. Considered the show very intensely and without batting an eye. I was suddenly bashful. Blushed, I could feel.
“Raise the breasts out of the bowls and nulr your nipples for us,” said Dennis – still with his fingers in my mouth. I blushed, if possible, even more. Hesitated.
“Make it so!” he demanded. I still hesitated. Suddenly he pulled his fingers out of my mouth and gave me a hard slap on the pussy. I screamed in fright – and immediately after as the heat spread – I was surprised how lewd it felt, and I gasped. Bosom head even more backward.
“Nårh so it could be you like?” he said joyfully (or almost gloating?) – and then slapped him again. Hard. Quickly. And left my pussy pounding and buzzing. I was breathing fast and shallow, almost gasped, and felt the blood rushing in your body. Again he hit – and again and again. And to my amazement, I could feel an orgasm building up. But he stopped her life and now only had hold of my hair.
“Small horny trunte” he said softly in my ear. “Who would have known that you turn to stone?”
He waited consciously touching anything other than my hair, orgasm the twitching subsided again and leaving me unfulfilled and gasping. (I thought to myself: “And who had known that you were the one that DOES lost?”).
“Well, trunte. Now you just walk in the nipples” he said firmly, and slowly mate nest I order. Lifted the first one and then the other breast by BH’ens bowls, so the breasts stood and stuck out in the air – they were lifted up bra. And then I started slowly and hesitantly to cuddle both nipples.
“Harder, faster!” demanded Dennis and tightened their grip in the hair. I granted his claim. I heard a soft groan over from Alex, but dared not look over.
“Now you suck my cock” he said and began to put me down by pulling my hair. “But you do not stop to caress your breasts!” he admonished. I walked slowly down – continued to bearejde my spiky nipples – and stood on his knees in front of his fly.

wife fucks friend
wife fucks friend

“Take my pants off me and continue with your breasts afterwards” he commanded. I let now slowly my hands close around his belt buckle and untied the belt and Trouser Button up. Flashed down and pulled slowly pants off him. Had now face up close to his cock, which pressed against his tights. I was with little difficulty taking your pants all by him – while he still had a good grip on my hair. And then I sat on his knees again.
“And then the pants” he demanded. I let my fingers slide down behind the rubber band in tights’ene and let them slowly slide down. He hopped his very stiff cock out and was about to hit me in the face because I was bent forward slightly to get the pants pulled down over his legs.
Peck was great! Really great! Alex had not lied! I could not keep my eyes off it. Stopped my in one motion and stared almost on it. Was immediately wetter. I did not know that I lit such a big dick. I had never done before – but I did certainly now. Hoped to notice the slip in and blocks my pussy out. Just the thought made it to buzz around my abdomen.
“I knew she would love your cock” came suddenly from over by Alex. His voice was low and affected. I glanced at him – as best I could handle in my hair – and saw that he was sitting with bare cock and let his hand slide slowly up and down his rigid stand – which, incidentally, was also nicely large – as the rest of his body. But Dennis’ dick was bigger. Both longer and thicker.
“Begin with the breasts again” insisted Dennis, and when I – mechanically – did as he said, he continued: “And now open your mouth and insert tongue out slightly. Then he took hold of his cock with his free hand and let now dick slide around on my lips and my tongue tip. again and again. Solder me wait. Used my mouth as he wanted. Satte me in place – without using words. Pulled the time to make it quite clear that he had control.
and then he began penetration. pushed slowly his big cock into my mouth – that may anstrenges to accommodate the massive pedestal. he pushed deeper and deeper into – so far, that I began to gagge. he held it there for a few seconds and left me so rid … pulled outwards again, while he said: “You let your mouth stand wide open – close it for a single moment.” he pulled his cock out completely, and a saliva string came with out because I not had to use his lips to suck on a dick on the way out, and lay down my chin. I sku lle to wipe it away with one hand, but he stopped me by shaking back in my hair and just say, “NO!”. And so bored he again his cock in the back of my mouth. Repeated the same procedure from before – and a new saliva string lay over my chin. Now he made the move up and fucked my mouth deep sometimes – pulled the cock out, then my chin became more and more wet with saliva every time. A few times he rubbed his cock over my cheeks and nose and looked deeply into his mouth.
Repeated again and again. I felt dirty and wet for the whole head. But was horny as never before. Strange coctail!
“Now suck me right,” he said after a few minutes humiliation of me. So now I could finally close the lips of his delicious cock and tasted it right. It dawned on me that I had been looking forward to it. Rejoiced to mark the contours of my mouth. Charging tongue slide over the glans and cock head. Savor his præsperm. Let the lips tight on the handle and label blood vessels on the way down. Brand pikhovedet back of my throat. And it was just what I did. And when it was all so wet, slipped easily and lewd, despite the fact that his cock was so big that I could barely hold it in my mouth. Since I had some time to explore the contours and get used to pikkens size, he began to mouth fuck me fast and hard. It made me, if possible, was even wetter mouth. I struggled to keep the teeth away. Struggled to keep ånddrættet under control, although it was difficult. I gasped and groaned. Alternately lacked air and had too much. After some time I felt his cock grow and throb sharply and suddenly he shot cascades of warm, salty sperm into my mouth. The amount was huge!
He panted doggedly as he sprayed: “Keep it in your mouth!”
It had to fight the urge to spit out – and a little nauseous, who built up by having such a large lump of sperm lying and slosh around in the mouth. But there was no doubt that it was expected of me.
When he got control of his breath and his body again, he quickly clicked a pair of handcuffs on my wrists, so now I was handcuffed. I did not even know where he got them from! And so he steered me to Alex, who still sat and masturbated. I was pressed down on his knees before him.
“Open your mouth and show him the blob! Show him that his wife has been spermed in the mouth of another man”
I felt humiliated and downgraded to a kind of dumpling doll. But while I was horny, and my pussy sailed by moisture. I was a bit ashamed of recognition. How could I be so turned on by it?
Either way, I opened my mouth slowly and let Alex see the big sticky blob in my mouth. He groaned was subdued by the sight – probably both the sight of my saliva-wet mouth and sperm blob that filled my mouth.
“Now you must be allowed to swallow the blob” said Dennis and made it sound as if it was a privilege. I closed my mouth – and eyes – it was one hundred times more humiliating with open eyes – and was about to swallow, but immediately said Alex: “Open your eyes while, honey.” And I granted his wish. I saw Alex’s eyes while I swallowed Dennis’ large sperm blob.
Alex was on! Really turned on. He was trembling all over, and his cock was rock hard and throbbing. There was certainly no regret over his lecherous eyes and softly moaned as his eyes followed my hals’ movements while sperm blob is passed down through the esophagus.
“Good girl” he whispered, breathless with lust as my mouth was empty.
Dennis came up behind me and pulled me up to stand – but then I was still facing Alex. Dennis’ hands greedily took my breasts and began to massage them hard and demanding. He alternately massaged the chest and rubbed nipples hard and pulled at them. I gave me complaining. It was both lewd and slightly painful at the same time. But I was not allowed to decide when it would stop. It was quite clear. I just had to accept. And I did. It buzzed and hummed in my belly, I gasped and groaned was subdued. Threw back his head in pure reflex and whistled by lust.
“Look at Alex while” insisted Dennis however. “Maintain eye contact”
I found Alex’ eyes. My eyes were blurred and lewd. Alex returned eye contact, and it was clear that he enjoyed watching his wife being dominated in this way. Enjoyed seeing her horny as never before. Enjoyed seeing her being humiliated, while the egg, so she did anything to be satisfied.
Dennis came now quite close, so his body pressed against mine pinioned arms grip on me and continued breast massage with one hand while the other slid down over my stomach, down to mons, as he began to massage. Although he did not touch my sex, my body shot lightning, and instinctively I pushed the abdomen behind and up against him, while I groaned and threw back his head.
“Look at Alex constantly” hissed Dennis certainly in my ear and gave me a hard slap on the mons. I whistled of fright and lust. Did However Alex’ eyes and let his gaze rest there. He alternately looked me in the eyes and enjoyed my lust, and let your eyes wander down to the breasts and to Dennis’ hand on my abdomen. As he came back started to massage the mons, and so he let two fingers slide down over the labia – signs fingers and let them slide in opposite directions around the clitoris, so he did not touch it, and whether the vaginal opening, where they again came together and began to massage the area around the entrance. Sometimes he pressed them lightly – one centimeter or something – and then glide back over the labia. Kept avoid clitoris, although the abdomen circled around and tried to get his fingers to hit the bright center. I needed so badly to redemption!
“Stand still immediately” he hissed in my ear. He pinched me hard in the nipple and kept squeezing it until I stood stock-still. Whimpering.
“Look how horny your wife, Alex,” said Dennis was subdued and licked me vulgar ear. “She’s so wet that it runs down the leg. Are you sure we should continue? Because she says definitely not stop more” (And he was right. I would have his cock so much now that I would do almost anything).
Alex nodded and moaned was subdued by sheer lust. A drop præsperm came into sight on the tip of his steel hard cock.
“Bend down and let the tip of the tongue catch the last straw” insisted Alex and pressed a hand against my neck. “But ONLY tip of the tongue”. I went over and stuck her tongue out. Let it glide over Alex’ dick and licked præspermen in me. Alex gave complaining.

wife fucks friend
wife fucks friend

I had violent desire to leave Alex’ lovely cock slide deep into my mouth, but at that moment I was dragged its feet again in the hair.
Dennis’ fingers found again my chest – this time the second, and his fingers found back to my lap, where they first circled the vaginal entrance, and then in one shock he pushed them deep into my wet vagina. He finger fucked me fast and hard, and I could clearly hear how much it smacked their lips down there. I shrieked and gasped, shrieked and moaned, and an orgasm built with lightning speed up. But immediately stopped Dennis and pulled his fingers out again. Let them slide backwards over my perineum and began to massage there. So further behind where anus frightened contracted. He got pussy juice and started to massage the star demanding and without mercy. I tried to shoot the abdomen a little, so he hit the perineum instead, but he pinched me hard in the nipple and pulled it so I screamed. And stood still!
He kept massaging the star and downloaded repeatedly more pussy juice. When he was satisfied, he began to press against the star with one finger. I hyper-ventilated and would move me again, but as a warning he pressed harder against the nipple, so I stood still, and immediately took off, he pushed again and concentrated on pushing his thick fingers farther up into my tight channel.
“Put one leg up on Alex’ chair so he can really see his wife being penetrated anally” he demanded now. I lifted his leg while Dennis supported me, and Alex placed my foot on his thigh and held on to my ankle, so I did not fall or could take the leg down. Meanwhile he got a good view of my abdomen, which almost was presented right before his eyes. And thus a good view of my tight star, who now was challenged by Dennis’ finger slowly but demanding pushed further and further into my tight channel. I felt very fixed and had to find me in the penetration that was unfamiliar and slightly uncomfortable, but at the same time strange horny.
Dennis now reached down and pressed his hand so hard against the perineum, the finger was pressed deep and hard into me. I moaned. Alex groaned.
Dennis seemed now his finger run in and out of my ass, slowly at first, but gradually he made the move up. Faster and faster slid your finger in the bottom of my ass, and my whistling went into rutting groans. The discomfort was slowly replaced by pleasure, and I felt now that an orgasm was coming. Dennis also labeled.
“Now comes your wife soon, Alex. She clearly loves being røvbollet. Do you often it, huh Alex? Boller your wife in the ass, you little pig? See how she loves it, the horny slut” His hoarse, horny swish – although it was easier humiliating – made me smoke over the edge and came with a bang. I screamed and writhed and twisted while the body roared – had no control over my body, and Dennis had to hold me so I did not fall.
When I came more to myself again, I noticed that I was standing with both feet on the floor again, and Dennis’ finger was pulled out of my ass.
“It could appear like, huh?” he said and licked my ear. Expected however no answer. He looked at Alex over my shoulder as he again began to cuddle my nipples as if he set a radio.
“Your wife is shown a little horny slut, Alex. She is SO wet. So willing. So ready for your best friend’s cock. And she will get. Hard and deep and long. Now I just think about it while I just wash my hands. None of you touches you out of nothing with while I’m gone! ” And so he went.
His words echoed in my ears. I should have his big, fat cock now. It should expand and conquer my tight pussy. The realization made me so horny that I was trembling with anticipation. Alex had shown the same way. Eye contact between us was intense. We searched both for cooling in each other’s gaze, but none of us would back off. None of us would miss next step.
So when Dennis came back, we were ready! Without saying a word, we did both.
Dennis grabbed my hair, and his mouth found my. He tongue kissed me deeply and wet and demanding. Lod while his free hand slide down over my back and down my one bale, as he clutched hold of. Pressed me against his body. I could feel his erection pressing against me. His cock felt rock hard. He stopped the kiss just as suddenly as he started it and turned around, so I had his back to him, and front facing Alex. Dennis removed the handcuffs. Again took hold of my hair with his left hand and left right now slide down over my body where it first squeezed on both nipples in turns, and then glided down to my abdomen. It took the dune, which he first massaged. I instinctively spread his legs and groaned. He went on so long that orgasm cramps again began to spread from the bright center and out to the body, but then he stopped before orgasm broke out in earnest. He bent me over and instructed me to put your hands on Alex’ thighs. I stood face to face with Alex, and it was quite obvious that he really had to see my facial expressions when Dennis’ big fat cock penetrated my tight pussy. He could also see my horny cheeks, mark my shallow breathing and watch my blurry eyes as I stood there with his head pulled slightly backwards in the hair, so I looked straight into Alex’ eyes, waiting to get dick. The moment was intense. And extreme lewd.
And then I felt it … Dennis’ dickhead. It was first rubbed over the dune and back through the labia, across the vaginal opening, the perineum and the star. I squeaked frantically together – terrified that he would take me anal, but he laughed softly and led dick down again towards the vaginal opening. There he circled it a few times, and then he let go of his hand and began to push against. I hyper ventilated. Now it happened! I should have his ax splitting a dick!
Pikhovedet came naturally first. It was large, but it slid – slowly. And delicious! I moaned lewd. So he came to the broad place to shine. At first it felt like an impossibility that he could squeeze in. The pressure was enormous, and it did almost hurt, but the feeling was extremely horny. I had no control over either my breathing or my sound and I whimpered and moaned loudly while Dennis’ cock pressed hard in my tight pussy. Alex moaned loud to see my horniness – presented as close to his face.
Sheath opening began to surrender, and slowly – millimeter for millimeter – began dick to penetrate deeper. It was so wild! It felt like I had to split. Never have I been so that the block will out before. I’ve never felt anything like it! But he was not at the bottom yet. He slipped further and further into, and it was so intense and violent that I felt as if I was going to faint. I moaned deep in her throat. Whined. Squealed. Whimpered. And suddenly came across his abdomen against mine! He was depressed. Deep in the bottom! He stood still for a moment and let me get used to the size. And then he began to slowly move. Trak slowly outward, then slowly back. And then he put gradually move more and more.
It was the craziest feeling. It hurt, and I felt that I was about to crack, but at the same time it was so lewd that I wanted more, more, and more. And it got me!
He was just arrived moments before, and therefore he was more persistent this time. So now I gennembolles, so I never forgot it. He let go of my hair and grabbed my hips with both hands. And then he began to encounter – faster and faster and harder and harder. I came! Violent and screaming. But he will continue to bump into me while. Alex helped keep me real. Kept my face up so he could see me in my orgasm cramps. Meanwhile, Dennis came on in me. Still faster. Still harder. I felt as if someone fucked me with a fence post !! I moaned, screamed and whimpered pitifully. But while I would not want him to stop. He should continue. I wanted more !! I forgot everything around me. The only thing I thought of was cock – and lots of it!

wife fucks friend
wife fucks friend

Dennis’ cock slipped in and out of me. Demanding, punitive, conquering. And I came back – loudly and without inhibition. And in the midst of orgasm roar I registered something warm and wet on my face. Moments after it dawned on me that it was Alex who could not take it anymore, and his cock was almost exploded in an intense orgasm, which shot sperm into my face. In addition to my neck, my breasts, my hair. On his own stomach and thighs.
Dennis discovered it too, and he pressed his cock fully into me and stood still. Ignored my whining that he went so deep in me.
“Sut him clean” he demanded. “Sweets his sperm in you.” And in my horny mists pair nest I order and gave me – with Dennis’ big, thick cock buried in my wet pussy – licking Alex’ sperm in me, as it was vanilla ice cream. But the sperm in my face were to be seated, demanded Dennis. I registered it is almost at the moment – because when I had patched the last dollop of sperm from Alex’ stomach for me started Dennis again to fuck me hard and demanding. And long!
I was sore! But I refused to ask for a break. It was so lewd that I ignored the pain and groaned both pained and bodily satisfaction at the same time. I felt his cock grow further and thumped. But then he pulled out. Turned around and pushed me down on my knees – and I got arrested again.
He stood in front of me and grabbed my hair, angry my head back and let his cock rubbing around my face. It was wet pussy juices, so I was the fat into it.
“See how wet you are, slut” he moaned. “Lick my cock and balls clean the pussy juice. But use only the tongue!”. And then I had let my tongue slide over his cock – centimeter by centimeter – and minituøst remove all pussy night of his stand. Dennis moaned lewd while. It turned him clearly dominate me like that.
But then he turned to Alex: “Now it must be about time that you get to be with.” I could hear Alex nancy. I was not allowed to turn his head and look at him, Dennis tightened their grip in my hair and made it clear that I should continue to lick his cock and balls.
“But Alex, she’s probably been quite sore, so you can be the appropriate fuck her in the ass. You saw how crazy she was about my finger in her tight channel”
I would protest, pull me away but Dennis’ grip so hard in my hair, it hurt, and I continued to lick – now his balls. His grip loosened when I questioned their rule. And behind me grabbed Alex hands on my hips, spread my legs well and kept me stuck in an iron grip, while his cock – which again was stiff – rubbed against my star. He spat on the star, so the dick got something to slip in, and then he began to press. I tried again to escape – I feared the pain and also humiliation in this setup – but I was again held, and this time pressed Dennis his big cock deep into my mouth and held me so tightly that I had no chance to move me away. And Alex, who was so horny as never before, kept me ingrained, while his cock slowly penetrated my tight star.
I gasped both pained – and to my shame lewd – on Dennis’ cock in my mouth.
Alex big cock pushed slowly into my ass. Centimeter by centimeter. Enhanced my tight channel. I moaned deep throat – both of pain and of lust, even if it hurt, it was also difficult lewd. He went down. He groaned deeply – roared almost out of pure lust. At the same time began to Dennis low bun movements in my mouth. Challenged me. For his cock filled so much that it was hard to keep your teeth away. I had difficulty controlling my mouth watering. I was again wet around the mouth and chin.
Now Alex began to fuck me in the ass. First slowly to wean themselves and me to feel – and then faster and faster. I was at every offensive forced upon Dennis’ cock in my mouth, and he went so deep that I gaggede. I was now come back and forth over the two cocks. Was reduced to a fuck doll that they could use as they wished. But it was a willing fuck doll, because I would not have stopped them if I could have. Another orgasm was coming. I had never come up with a dick in the ass before. But now it happened! I screamed my way through them – despite huge dick in my mouth. The blocky However, for some of the sound. Alex could feel my orgasm cramps on his cock, and it was too much for him. He filled my ass with sperm and roared loud while.
Dennis was affected, he even came and shot jets of hot sperm into my mouth. He held me tight, so I had to swallow it all, and afterwards he demanded that I made his cock clean with her tongue.
We were total finished all three. We ended however with showering together all along. They took turns to wash me and Alex went to his knees and licked me for one last orgasm, while Dennis massaged my breasts.

It was quite a different way to socialize with his friends on, you have to say!
And who could know that gentleman’en Dennis was tough and cash, dominant and naughty in bed? I certainly had not guessed it, but I must say that I saw it on your own body! I learned a few things that day – both for him and for myself!

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